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welcome to the HAstings hulks!

Following the huge success of this year’s Half Marathon where our nine Hulks managed to raise over £4,000 for Winston and children like him through The A-T Society, we are undertaking the ONE HUNDRED HULK challenge. We are giving everything we have to try and get at least one hundred people, dressed as Winston’s favourite superhero Hulk, to run, jog or slowly stroll the Hastings Half Marathon next year.

Imagine the power of 100 green heroes getting together at the starting line!

This would be a record for a Half Marathon, and we hope to draw all the attention we can to raise awareness and vital donations for The A-T Society.

Don't worry if running isn't your thing - there is no focus on running ability or athlectic prowess ANY HULK IS A HERO!

To be a part of the HUNDRED HULK challenge, you just need to be prepared to dress up as the Hulk and run, jog or walk (or any combination) the Hastings Half Marathon on 2019.

Sign up here, or through our Facebook page to be kept informed of regular news, training runs and other Hastings Hulks related events